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Sensory Dinners

Step away from the comfort of conventional dining and experience our Secret Dinner Club  where you pursue and find hedonism in food, where all your senses are awakened by the art of sensory dining, you may be blindfolded, exposed to perceptions through smell, touch and taste, eat off a human plate in Nyotaimori events and private  Molecular Gastronomic Dinners.

Email to get on the waiting list.

Canapés for Events

Miami Hedonist’s Personal Chef, Tiyan brings love and passion to her avant-grade canapés. Tasty delicious appetisers and small bites made with the freshest ingredients, creative recipes and beautifully presented.

Browse our menu selection here and feel free to ask about any clarifications or make requests for other items and we will do our best to accommodate them.

We look forward to making your event pleasurable and memorable for you and for your guests.

Clie​nt Review

"Best dining experience in Miami, hands down". -Alex

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