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Learn  the  way  to  the  heart  through  cooking...

Cooking Lessons

Cooking is known to release endorphins and stimulate the sex hormones when it is done in a relaxed and pleasurable fashion. 

Even better when it is done with wine or a special partner.

Classes are taught by our award winning chef and instructor Chef Tiyan Alile

Lessons cover global cuisine, baking, Recreational Cooking & Dinner Curated Menus to suit the guests.

Clie​nt Review

"I'm a rookie wanna be pastry chef who was looking to take my craft to the next level. Enter Chef Tiyan who I found doing a random online search for chef lessons around me. She's the truth. Great energy, wealth of knowledge and one of the best at her craft. I am honored to have been tutored by one of the best. My pastry game is on! Yes, Honey! Thanks Chef Tiyan for taking this wanna be pastry chef to the next level"-  Nikki Coleman

"Her attention to detail, knowledge, patience when teaching and overall professionalism. She accommodates every skill level from beginner to advanced explaining each stage of the process in great detail. It was a wonderful experience. I would definitely recommend". -Ofuns

"The class I took led by her was so fun and engaging, instructions clear, easy and concise. The results…phenomenal". - Funmi

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